About the LDC Driving Instructor Course

LDC is renowned for its open learning course materials, our excellent central support team and our national network of expert ORDIT trainers. Unlike many courses which solely rely on in-car training for Part 2 and 3 LDC also provide a comprehensive open learning course that integrates with the in-car training.

Driving Instructor Training Pack

This open learning course includes over 25 hours of video and a comprehensive self development programme that puts you in control of your own training. This enables you to review the lessons as many times as you like and undertake complementary practice on your own or with a partner to help boost the value of the in-car training provided by our local expert trainers. You also get up to 20 hours of support from our central support team via telephone, email and online. Regarding the in-car training; you will receive up to 71 hours 1-to-1 in-car training or over 120 hours if provided on a 2-to-1 basis.

We have 38 ORDIT qualified trainers who provide training from over 50 locations around the UK covering most test centres where the ADI qualifying exam is carried out. For full details of the course please select "About the course".

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Driving Instructor Training

What our customers say

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"Since completing my training, I have found that I look forward to going to work every day and I get a real kick out of helping my pupils to learn to drive using the skills I learned with LDC.""I found the LDC training course excellent; no minor detail is left to chance. My local tutor was fantastic. If you are serious about becoming a driving instructor, go to LDC, I would highly recommend them.""I would not fail to recommend the LDC way of doing things to anyone. In fact I already have advised a friend to look into them and now being half way through his training he cannot fault them either."

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