Part 2 Course : The ADI driving test

About the Part 2 test
The Part 2 driving test closely resembles the current test for learners in format and content. However, the eyesight test requires you to read a number plate at a slightly longer distance (i.e. 27.5 metres or 26.5 metres depending on the width of the lettering) with glasses if normally worn for driving. The duration of the test is also longer to allow you to undertake all the set manoeuvres and you are expected to perform to a higher standard. Unlike the L test which allows you to make 15 minor driving faults, on the Part 2 ADI test you are only permitted to make 6 minor driving faults and what constitutes a minor driving fault may be more critically assessed.

Driving instructor training provided by LDC
The Part 2 course is made up of a programme of self-development exercises and study using our modern student centred open learning Part 2 driving instructor training DVD (5 hours of video footage), software, test guide and workbook. The duration of the open learning course is around 20 hours.

Driving Instructor Training Part 2

  • Part 2 Driving skills workbook
  • Part 2 Driving skills DVD video (3 disks, 5 hours of video)
  • Practical Test guide software (1 DVD-rom)

In addition, your local LDC DVSA ORDIT qualified trainer would tailor a programme of in-car training to meet your specific needs. This in-car training would usually be spread over a number of sessions and be provided on a one-to-one basis to ensure no time is wasted waiting for or watching someone else drive. Ten hours of in-car training is provided on a one-to-one basis as standard. However, you can choose to share your in-car training with another LDC student, in which case the training hours allotted would be doubled (i.e. increased pro-rata) to 20 hours. Up to a further 9 hours of free remedial one-to-one in-car Part 2 training is available in the unlikely event that you should not pass first time. Therefore, you are potentially looking at over 40 hours of training for part 2 in total.

Pass rates
Last year, of those who completed their training with LDC, 98% passed Part 2 of the qualifying exam within the three attempts allowed (of which 82% passed on their first attempt). The national pass rate for Part 2 tests taken in 2013 as published in the DVSA Annual Report over all attempts was only 54.6%. From this you will appreciate that LDC have a significantly better success rate than the norm for Part 2.

Please note if you fail three attempts at Part 2 the DVSA require you to start the qualification process again and not until 2 years have elapsed from passing Part 1.

What our students say

"Being a Driving Instructor was something that I had thought of doing for quite a few years so I knew the market and who was best. The training packs I received and the further in-car training for the stages after the part one training was very professionally done.""I chose to learn with LDC as I was impressed with their training methods. I had 30 hours of in-car tuition with a Driving Instructor Trainer. What an eye opener! It was a challenge but I passed each of my exams first time with excellent results.""I continued with my office job whilst I trained, fitting in the theory work on an evening and the one-to-one in-car lessons with a tutor on a weekend. The in-car training was highly professional and I passed each part first time."

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