The LD System
 LD SystemThe LD tuition system is based on many years of successfully getting people through the UK driving test and follows a highly structured course of driving lessons. Designed for intensive training, it was vital that no time in the car was wasted, so each lesson was given a very clear structure with set targets to achieve. By targeting and focusing on specific skills development using LDC's "Coaching Cycle" teaching method, learners progress far more rapidly.

To help speed up the learner's progress further, a video programme and workbook was later added to accompany the in-car training programme. This programme was shot in high-definition and available in HD on blu-ray disks or standard widescreen on DVD. The idea being that the learner would watch a video brief about the next driving lesson and complete a quiz in a workbook in the comfort of their home before attending the in-car lesson. In this way a lengthy verbal brief would not be required at the start of a new lesson and would only need to focus on any aspects of the video brief or workbook exercises that the learner wasn’t sure about. This resulted in further improvements in the speed at which the learner progressed, because the learner was better prepared for each lesson and because less practice time was wasted at the side of the road giving explanations on things the learner could have learnt from the video and workbook. We didn't just use the time we saved to get the learners through the test quickly, we added more training to equip them for driving in the real world.

Hence, a mixture of well planned, structured training with clear targets, LDC's modern teaching methods (i.e. the Coaching Cycle), home study training materials and more actual practice time in the car on each lesson, ensures learners are better trained and require far fewer lessons to pass the test – thus saving the learner money and stress from being thrown into the unknown.

The introduction of a workbook and a DVD Video programme to accompany the tuition system also provides the opportunity to earn additional money by either renting or selling the workbook and DVD. If, like us, you believe that quality counts and you would want to do the very best for your customers as a driving instructor, then LDC is the company for you.

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