Be your own boss

Take control of your life
Because of the freedom and flexibility with which they work, driving instructors are entitled to the status of self-employment with all the tax advantages that it confers. As a consequence, all driving instructors in the UK, regardless of which driving school they work for are self-employed. As an LDC instructor, you will therefore have the freedom and the incentive to create your own prosperity.

Charlotte and Roger

The better you are at your job, and the better you look after your customers, the more you can prosper financially. In short, you enjoy all the advantages of being your own boss without any of the disadvantages.

Flexibility is the key - you decide the hours you want to work. So whether you are looking to work part-time or full-time this can easily be accommodated. You also have the strength of a successful driving school behind you providing all the support, advice, marketing and management know-how that are vital for success. And of course you get to use the unique LD tuition system, (see ‘LD System’).

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