An example of potential earnings
LDC instructors who carry out 35 lessons per week, take 4 weeks off for holidays per year and charge our average rate of £24 per lesson (lesson prices vary from area to area), could earn the following per week after meeting all business and car expenses, provided this workload was maintained throughout the year:

35 lessons at £24 each
LDC Materials Income
Total Income
Car Rental / Insurance
Franchise Fee
Average top-up pupil fees
Total Expenditure

The above is equivalent to an annual salary of £29,616 plus a car (The car rental/insurance is based on a 5 door Vauxhall Corsa SE 1.2 with air conditioning and a combined MPG of 51.4). However, because you are self-employed you will make certain tax savings, which will enable you to keep more of the money you earn. Also if you choose to buy rather than rent a driving school car your earnings would potentially increase by a further £1,000 per year.

Naturally, in areas where the lesson rate is higher than the average rate or the type of training given was valued at a higher rate, potential earnings would correspondingly be much greater. For example the above figure of £29,616 would increase to £32,976 at £26 per lesson (what we charge in Inverness), and £36,336 at £28 (what we charge in Aberdeen) per lesson charged.

Please do not expect these income levels in your first year of trading as promotional discounts and other aspects of becoming established will suppress your earnings potential.

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